The AI STEM Drive


Currently Under Development

The AI STEM Drive is a massive undertaking.

Phobos Technologies LLC is a small company just getting off the ground. Though The STEM Drive is our main project - in order to satisfy the financial requirements of such an engagement, Phobos Tech is simultaenously working on capital generators to help fund the development process.

In addition to the hurdles of the space, time, and financial necessities; The STEM Drive requires certain component technologies which need to be developed as well.

The STEM Drive is a part of a collection of technologies. Some requisite to The STEM Drive's production, while others are cooperative technologies geared toward supporting and progressing our fundamental driving philosophies.

Successful projects and organizations require an unrelenting drive to succeed. Currently, there is a lot of time, energy, and money being sacrificed and redirected to the survial of Phobos Technologies LLC and The AI STEM Drive. Our hope is that production picks up and things get moving forward at an ever-increasing rate.

So - while this project is currently in it's infancy, it won't be forever. We encourage you to keep tabs on our progress. Hopefully some day soon, we will proudly reveal the production release of The AI STEM Drive.

Thank you,
Thomas Wright
Phobos Technologies LLC

What Is The AI STEM Drive?

To put it simply: The AI STEM Drive is a smart-city AI core.

To put it less simply: The STEM Drive is a distributed artificial learning agent capable of running on everything from the smallest smart device to the largest super computer.

The job of the drive's distributed network of STEM cores is to maximize efficiency on levels that we are just not capable of producing on our own.

Delivery routes will be balanced, checked against, and coordinated with the distributors and consumers of every possible modicum of trade.

Understandably, a system like this might raise public concerns of privacy. However, the following two bullet-points may help answer those concerns:

Let's have a small conversation about truth. There is nothing in this world that can happen without the truth preceeding it. What that means is that you cannot end up with 5 without first providing that which will eventually equate to 5. Obviously 2 + 2 will always = 4. For any one desireable outcome, there is always a most optimal path to achieve it. We are always discovering new paths that are more efficient than the older paths we've used. This is how progress works.

Using and finding the optimal paths for our goals as a society, is the core functionality of The AI STEM Drive.

So - what are our desired outcomes?
Well, for the AI STEM Drive, the desired outcomes are as follows:

To end this section, as things turn out - correctly using The AI STEM Drive to achieve these four bullet-points - there is a fun list of side-effects that just happen to fall into our laps. But we'll get to those in just a minute.

Why STEM Economics?

It turns out, our current method of product and service exhange and valuation needs an upgrade if we are to kick-start post-scarcity and completely disable the abuse of money.

The AI STEM Drive is the perfection of capitalism. It maintains the positive aspects of the capitalist society and removes all that nasty sludge that we've been unable to properly deal with so far.

As you're sure to understand by now; STEM is an accronym for, Space, Time, Energy, and Matter. These are the fundamental currencies of the universe; Mother Nature's Dollar. So - yes - we'll have to nix currency as we now understand it. But - no - we're not obliterating capitalism, we're just fixing it.

How Are You Going To Do This?

Really? Prove it.

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